About project

Schools from Lithuania, Germany, France and Slovakia want to be partners in a project with scientific background in different European dimensions. A needs analysis brought up different shortages of competences at the different schools: The usage of ICT tools for teachers and students in learning processes is inadequate because of less teacher training and lessons for students. The developing of digital media is fast growing and so there is a big gap for using it in educational contexts.
Secondly there is a big lack in knowledge about the production and preservation of food in all schools. The families use more and more not homemade food and they have easily access to a big variety in the supermarkets not reflecting about where the food comes from. In addition the awareness of the need of good language knowledge for communication between international partners in universities and companies and especially English as a scientific language also for publication of research results and collaboration between researchers is too low. So, our project will close these gaps. For the teachers we plan workshops and seminars especially for digital media for increasing digital skills for educational environment and create innovative learning methods. The teachers are open to new methodological ideas and are willing to adapt them into the curriculum of different subjects. They will use different teaching methods in the classrooms and outdoors, as well as create methodological descriptions and recommendations how, where and when to use innovative methodology in the educational process. All those efforts will help to increase students’ learning motivation, make lessons more interesting and create better relations between students and teachers. So the students of 15/16 years will participate in different activities:- doing scientific experiments, using mobile technologies (tablets, smart phones), exploring cultural, historical and culinary heritage with excursions, collaborating in eTwinning space, making online presentations, storytelling and maps stories, quizzes and posters. Our project wants to combine working in the virtual and digital world and with real- world experiences during the experiments in an innovative and inspiring way.

The objectives we would like to achieve are sharing science activities, new technologies, new innovative teaching and learning methods between our partner schools.