The first project meeting

The first project meeting took place in Joniškis “Aušros” gymnasium, Lithuania, 15 – 17 October 2018.

The first project meeting was planned as a Team building and ICT training meeting. During the project meeting project planning sessions and workshops on using ICT tools for project managing and training activities were organised.  Also a Sightseeing programme with trips and excursions was organised during the meeting.

On the first project meeting day all partners presented their schools and Education systems of their countries as well as an Ice breaking activity was held to introduce themselves.

On the second day of the visit all the date of the forthcoming project meetings were discussed . The activities and preparation till the second meeting in Lithuania were discussed. Slovakian partner school presented logos created for the project and one of them was selected as a project logo.

During the project workshop at the last meeting day the eTwinning Twinspace pages such as Logo, School Presentations, Countries and three project meetings were created. Students who are going to participate in project activities and mobilities will be invited to the project Twinspace as members.