Dried and fermented food experiments

Joniškis „Aušros“ gymnasium students made dryed and fermented food experiments. Posters about experiments were created.

A pumpkin was dried in two ways:

First, pieces of pumpkin were dried in the temperature of 40°.

Second, pieces of pumpkin were poured with sugar 4:1, a lemon was added. We waited for about a day while the osmosis was happening. The obtained liquid was brewed and poured over the pumpkin. The mixture stayed for another day. The pumpkin was dried in the temperature of 40°. It was dried in the oven for about 2 days, brewing it 3 times a day.

The first way of drying took longer time and the taste was common, while excellent sugars were prepared using the second way.

Rosebay willowherb was fermented. At first, we rolled the leaves slightly pushing them to get some juice. Then we put those leaves into the jar and pressed them not to leave any air inside. Later we covered the jar and stored it upside down in a warm place for 3 days. Then we took the leaves out, shook them and dried in the drier for 5 hours at the temperature of 30°. A part of the plants was ripened to get the higher fermentation and to get the black tea. The other part had the lighter fermentation thus to get weaker fermentation and flavour. Without fermentation we could have got green tea.